Our stack: Python 3.8+ (asyncio), React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL (TimescaleDB), Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ   

Help us design, build and run our own stock trading software. Improve our platform that allows us to trade manually or automatically using our own algorithmic strategies. Work with real-time data, tune performance, deploy every day and cooperate with other teams. Be part of a team where you will see the immediate impact of your work.

  • Work on a complex React application using Redux to manage state and Redux-Saga to handle side effects
  • Squeeze the max out of Python’s asyncio, Websockets, Avro, our performance-optimized Redux fork and Canvas
  • Encounter interesting technologies such as ClojureScript, satisfy your functional needs with ramda
  • We have emphasis on a small technical debt and foster a culture of knowledge sharing

Perks and benefits

  • Combination of office and remote working hours
  • Top floor office in the Palladium building with a large terrace and a beautiful view of the city
  • Shower, changing rooms, nap rooms, and parking space for bicycles
  • Fully stocked kitchen with free refreshments
  • Cozy lounge, where we often stay for a beer after work
  • MultiSport card and yoga lessons
  • English lessons with native speaker
  • Regular company events and team-building activities
  • 5 weeks of vacation, 5 sick days and pension contribution

About you

  • Experience writing React applications
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience with back-end development (preferably in Python)
  • Experience with complex programming
  • Desire for growth and improvement
  • Ability to resolve a problem with the simplest solution possible

You'll get extra points for

  • Python asyncio or experience with asynchronous programming in other languages
  • Experience with PostgreSQL database (TimescaleDB)
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Experience with C++, Rust or Go

Our blog posts and talks from conferences

...for more technical content you can visit our blog.

About DEV team

The development team is an irreplaceable part of our business at Quantlane. Our trading platform allows traders to interact with stock exchanges on three continents in real time. Under the hood, we set up data centers across the globe and develop applications that transfer and record high volumes, low-latency data. Because our code handles money in real time, we make sure the services we make are reliable, well-tested and diligently reviewed before they run in production.

Our day begins with a brief stand-up meeting, where we prioritize tasks for the day. During the day, we take turns in the on-call support role to make sure that the trading team can trade at all times. In the afternoon, we keep an eagle eye on code reviews to ensure that nobody’s work is held back by another team member. Most importantly, we do our best to deliver clear and well-tested code. We use up-to-date versions of Python along with a variety of code style checkers, Mypy for type checking, and Orange, our fork of Black, for automatic formatting.

Quantlane maintains a complex infrastructure of services that allow us to deliver data from stock exchanges to our human and algorithmic traders, and back, in a split second. Since every developer is responsible for the whole life cycle of their work, from design, through implementation, to deployment, we can iterate quickly. Diligent code reviews and testing ensure that we always learn from our mistakes.

About Quantlane

We are an ambitious team of traders, analysts and developers who design and run our own software for trading in financial markets. We started in 2013 as a bunch of poker professionals who took on an analysis of trading in the financial markets at Wood & Co. We quickly realized that these markets have great potential, and decided to explore new opportunities with Wood’s support.


Praha, Česko



Forma spolupráce

Remote, Pracovní smlouva, On-site Remote spolupráce



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